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The past few weeks have been filled with Steve’s background and life full of amazing adventures (somehow all print related). To see the previous blog post, click here.

As did so many young people out of the military in his time, Steve got the hankering for some adventure. He went to Europe with a friend from college to explore what was on the other side of the globe. They immersed themselves in cultures and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the countrysides. When traveling with other people, one gets to know them in a different light than at home. Unfortunately, things got a little sour when he realized his friend was not enough so upstanding as he had thought. While in Spain, she asked him to help her steal some produce from some of the beautiful gardens in the area. “Here she was, with lots of money in her purse, thinking it would be fun to take food away from these people who were worse off than her,” Steve remembers that it was at that moment that he realized he had to part ways with his friend.

While in Germany, he had met some people who had said that should he ever need work during his travels, he should come to Munich and earn some cash. The 1972 Olympics would soon be drawing to the area, and there was a lot of work to be had. He decided to take them up on their offer and made the trip. He arrived there on Christmas day, 1971 and got a job at a silk screen printer. The shop had just gotten a new machine with an automatic feed. Most machines were manual back then, and Steve had some experience with feeders, so they offered to teach him silk screening if he would figure out that machine and teach them to use it. His days filled with learning to navigate language barriers, learning a new culture and new skills. He left the shop almost one year later, November 1972.

Steve’s adventures were not quite over yet. In the 70’s people were making a living by fixing up old Buicks and selling trips to tourists, with promises of exotic foreign adventures touring the middle east. Well, what would young Steve do in those days? Why he would try it! $50 took him through Istanbul, Tehran, Afghanistan, very quickly through Pakistan, and to New Delhi. Though he thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and he considered going to Australia next, Steve decided it was time to come home. So he went from Bombay to London, to the US and stayed in Idaho on the family farm for awhile. Steve enjoyed those farming days for the companionship and the change in scene. Steve is still involved in agriculture to this day, as a member and printer for the Biodynamic Association of Northern California.

Join us again for the next installment of “Friend Before Salesman” in which Steve sets up his print shop in Grass Valley.

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